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Automotive Franchise Businesses Reviews


There are so many interesting opportunities in the automotive franchise sector. It’s not just a matter of selling or hiring vehicles, you could be getting hands on with repairing vehicles or even offer niche services like rust proofing One of the best things about entering into the automotive franchise industry is that you do not need to have a huge amount of capital to get going. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities where you will not need a significant investment capital at all.

The Different Types of Automotive Franchises
Vehicle Dent Repair Franchises
Auto body repairs require a typical investment capital of about £15–25,000. This is consistent work which, if done well, should lead to happy customers bringing you repeat jobs to complete, as well as recommending you to their friends and family. You will need, or need to employ someone, with the correct training certification and will also need to purchase the relevant tools through the franchisor.

Vehicle Rust Proofing Franchises
As an island nation, the UK has a vast coastline which causes significant damage to people’s cars, so setting up a rust proofing franchise in a seaside town could lead to you securing significant profits. The start-up capital you will require is relatively low, at about £5,000. When combined with vehicle repairs and a reputation for providing good customer service and reliable work, this is an industry where you could enjoy a comfortable income year after year.

Car Loan Brokerages Franchises
This is a growing industry, which could be a brilliant opportunity for you to make a significant income. As with rust proofing franchises, the capital you will require to set up is minimal. Some car loan brokerages require an initial typical investment of just £3,000. You will be looking for sales people to sell car loans to people with poor credit history, so you should be mindful of the issues surrounding this before investing. Regardless of this, it is an exciting business opportunity which is proving to be very popular.

Alloy Wheel and Tyre Repairs & Sales Franchises
Wheel and tyre sales franchises represent an exciting opportunity to generate a significant profit. There are many people in the UK who are unsure about what sort of tyre or wheel they should be putting on their car, so if you build up a reputation for providing good customer service and completing reliable work at a fair price, you could be looking at creating a significant yearly profit. The best thing about wheel and tyre sales is that people usually need several wheels or tyres throughout their car’s lifetime, so you can build a strong client base where your customers will come to you year after year. Once a car is outside its manufacturer’s warranty, it is quite normal for people to replace the parts with cheaper non-branded parts, so you have an opportunity to generate a considerable annual turnover. Typical investment capital for tyre and wheel franchises is somewhere between £25,000 and £60,000. However, the profits might well be worth the initial start up sum.

Car or Minibus Transportation Franchises
This is a business opportunity where you will likely feel that you are doing something good for society by helping people in need. You will likely be providing transport for elderly, children or disabled people, and so you will need to ensure that the vehicle(s) you intend to use are accessible and safe for your customers to use. The minimum investment capital is likely to be in the region of £15,000.

Chauffeur Franchises
Setting up a chauffeur service is a great opportunity for anyone who considers themselves to be a ‘people person’. You will be speaking to different people on a daily basis and dealing with a wide range of customers. As with several other automotive franchises, this is an opportunity where you can build up a strong client base of repeat customers, meaning that you could generate a significant and consistent annual profit. The typical initial investment is £7,995.

The Benefits of an Automotive Franchise Business Opportunity
There are so many benefits to automotive franchises that it is difficult to pin them all down, but the top five benefits are:

Work with your passion – They say that if you do something you love, you will never have to work a day in your life, so if cars are your passion then this industry could be the career you’ve been looking for. The best recipe for success revolves around remaining engaged with your work, so if you don’t see yourself being passionate about repairing vehicles, working as a chauffeur or even dealing with customers, then think again.

Strong client base – If you decide to set up any type of automotive franchise, then bear in mind that if you pride yourself on providing quality work at a fair price and get a reputation for good customer service then you can quickly develop a strong client base of repeat customers. Businesses like this thrive on word of mouth, so your customers will more than likely be recommending you to their friends and colleagues.

You don’t have to have a large investment pot – For each different opportunity in the automotive franchise sector there is a different initial investment capital so there is something for every potential business person. For those with more modest investment pots, consider car cleaning, dent repairs and fixing window cracks.

People Service – This is a customer-driven industry, so if you are a people person then any of the opportunities in the automotive franchise sector could be for you. The automotive industry thrives on providing good customer service and you will meet a wide range of people on a daily basis, whichever opportunity you decide to go for.

Help people – Some of the automotive franchise opportunities available actually give you the chance to help people, like providing a transportation service to elderly, disabled people or even children.

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£23,500 + VAT

£19,500 + VAT

£35,000 + VAT
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£9,950 Initial Investment
Texas Steakhouse
Phone Number:

01858 451 880 Ext 301 – 302- Franchise Enquiries
01858 545 964 – Table Bookings

£30,000 Franchise Fee
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£37,500 + VAT
Business Doctors

£8,995 + VAT
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£100,000 Minimum Investment
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£4,995 Minimum Investment

£15,000 Minimum Investment
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£12,000 Minimum Investment
Extra Help

£12,000 Minimum Investment
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£39,900 Minimum Investment
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£36,950 Minimum Investment
TaxAssist Accountants Franchise

£29,500 Minimum Investment
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